The Fruit of Knowledge

It was lying dormant.

Years back,
When the earth was not even this much green,
But dry, bloodless entity,
A brief spell of rain showered over.
It germinated.
Bacame big. Bigger. And the Biggest.
Fruits of knowledge were born.

Years passed.
The tree was dead, already.
But I had a fruit of knowledge, saved.
In a safe cave,
Where no one could enter.
’twas dark, mazy.
Only a few knew the key.
(The key was in the clouds,
Where the sun played
With water
And painted the rainbow.
The key was inside a song
Which could make you numb
Just like the Sirens did to Odysseus).

I kept the fruit safe for the future to come.
But I did not notice when that had crept in,
Until I found that the fruit is missing.
(Didn’t know how it had found the way
To the fruit
And how the creature had stolen it!)
Nah, I could not save the fruit.
It had wings. It flew up.
But all in vain!
For it too!
I could see how the fruit was slipping through its grip
How it was falling down
How it dashed against the wall of my cave (my shelter),
And how the fruit of knowledge turned
Into futile pieces of blood-beads,
And a yellow lump of lifeless waste.


Shovan Sarkar
April 11th, 2018
Image Courtesy: Mayukh Mishra


বাইবেলের একটা চেনা গল্প

দিনগুলো গুনতে গুনতে একটা বাইবেল লিখে ফেললাম।
সেই জেনেসিসের সময় থেকে
চিন্তার গহ্বরে বাইবেলটার অনুপ্রবেশ,
কিন্তু এক্সোডাস আসতে না আসতেই সেটা ছাপাখানায় পৌঁছে গেল।

গড সেদিন বলেছিল যে ‘ঝরে পডুক আলো’।
সত্যিই আলো দেখেছিলাম,
দেখার মতো আলো।
কিন্তু ঝুপ করে অন্ধকারটাও কোত্থেকে জুড়ে বসলো,
সে এক মজার ব্যাপার।
আসলে আলোকে ছাড়া অন্ধকার বেচারা কখনও একা থাকেনি তো,
ভয় পায়।

বাইবেলটা ছাপাখানায় চলে গেছে।
কথা ছিল খাবার টেবিলে বসে একসঙ্গে বাইবেলের পাতা ওল্টাবো
আর অনেক হাসব।
কিন্তু টেবিল পাতার আগেই তুমি উঠে গেলে,
বিনা কারণেই !
খাবার ঠাণ্ডা হয়ে গেছে বলে হয়তো।
কিংবা ভাবলে সময়টা ঠিক সেদ্ধ হয়নি।

বেচারা বাইবেল !
ছাপাখানা আর খাবার টেবিল এড়িয়ে
আকাশ থেকে তিন মুঠো হাওয়া মেখে
গঙ্গায় দু’বার ডুব দিয়ে
পবিত্র হয়ে এলো।

কিন্তু পরদিন খবরের কাগজে
একটা ‘নিখোঁজ সংবাদ’-এ বাইবেলটার ছবি দেখা গেল।

(শোভন সরকার, ১৮/০৩/২০১৭)

They will Rain over My Pages

That day I wrote a poem.
But it flew away into the sky
And became a flock of clouds.
They’re dark.
They’re heavy with rains.

If you try to touch them
They’ll ignore you
And will vanish into the cave of oblivion.

There’s no magic in your touch,
The magic is in the clouds.
They have a hidden rainbow inside
Let the time come,
Let the sun pierce through,
Let the birds fly,
The clouds will rain over my pages
And will again turn into a poem.

October 6, 2017


The whole day was spent under a subdued excitement.
A veg-burger, some french fries and a cold-drink made that evening.
Everything was beating in rhythm,
But I couldn’t feel when a disease had crept in!
The day when I got hint that I had hardly any time,
Did not believe it!
In fact, death does not care if I believe it or not.
I tried a lot in the last days.
Even after the death, I groped for a piece of life.
I had no idea in which cave of the Himalayas grows the Vishalyakarani,
I cannot fly, but at least…
Leave it, thinking will never bear a child!
The corpse started putrefying already,
The intensity of the odour slowly grew.
Nah ! It’s enough now!
A dead body should be burnt.
Say, for how long should I carry that corpse!
I was tired and while the day was ending
I found that I had reached Manikarnika.
The ghat by the Ganga,
The maddening smell of the cremation ground,
The twilight of the dying day…
Mesmerizing !
Made the decoration
With an old photograph,
A drop of blood,
And with ten scented coffins;
The cremation is done!

May 15th, 2017

The Yellow Balloon

And the story ended there.
It was a moment
When I felt something invisible
Rolling down on my cheek.

I was about to close the chapter

But a magic happened.
The story turned into a yellow balloon
And popped up in my palm.
It vibrated,
I shivered.

I flew over the clouds and the sea.
A new journey began
Towards two different directions,
A piece of blue sky,
A few clouds
And some winged balloons
Green, white and pink
Settled cosily in between.

Among them
I’m looking for the yellow balloon.
Where is it?


September 19, 2017